Unit 10

Infinite Sequences and Series bc only

10.1 (BC ONLY) Defining Convergent and Divergent Infinite Series
10.2 (BC ONLY) Working with Geometric Series
10.3 (BC ONLY) The nth-Term Test for Divergence
10.4 (BC ONLY) Integral Test for Convergence
10.5 (BC ONLY) Harmonic Series and p-Series
10.6 (BC ONLY) Comparison Tests for Convergence
10.7 (BC ONLY) Alternating Series Test for Convergence
10.9 (BC ONLY) Determining Absolute or Conditional Convergence
10.11 (BC ONLY) Finding Taylor Polynomial Approximations of Functions
10.8 (BC ONLY) Ratio Test for Convergence
10.10 - (BC ONLY) Alternating Series Error Bound
10.12 (BC ONLY) Lagrange Error Bound
10.13 (BC ONLY) Radius and Interval of Convergence of Power Series
10.14 (BC ONLY) Finding Taylor or Maclaurin Series for a Function
10.15 (BC ONLY) Representing Functions as Power Series