Unit 9

Parametric Equations, Polar Coordinates, and Vector-Valued Functions bc only

9.1 (BC ONLY) Defining and Differentiating Parametric Equations
9.2 (BC ONLY) Second Derivatives of Parametric Equations
9.3 (BC ONLY) Finding Arc Lengths of Curves Given by Parametric Equations
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9.5 (BC ONLY) Integrating Vector-Valued Functions
9.6 (BC ONLY) Solving Motion Problems Using Parametric and Vector-Valued Functions
9.7 (BC ONLY) Defining Polar Coordinates and Differentiating in Polar Form
9.8 (BC ONLY) Finding the Area of a Polar Region or the Area Bounded by a Single Polar Curve
9.9 (BC ONLY) Finding the Area of the Region Bounded by Two Polar Curves