Unit 5

Analytical Applications of Differentiation

AP Calculus BC - Unit 5 - 1.pptx
5.2 Extreme Value Theorem, Global Versus Local Extrema, and Critical Points
5.3 Determining Intervals on Which a Function Is Increasing or Decreasing
5.4 Using the First Derivative Test to Find Relative (Local) Extrema
5.5 Using the Candidates Test to Find Absolute (Global) Extrema
5.6 Determining Concavity of Functions over Their Domains
5.7 Using the Second Derivative Test to Find Extrema
5.8 Sketching Graphs of Functions and Their Derivatives
5.9 Connecting a Function, Its First Derivative, and Its Second Derivative
5.11 Solving Optimization Problems
5.10 Introduction to Optimization Problems
5.12 Exploring Behaviors of Implicit Relations